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SAPPHIRE GPRO E-Series are powered by AMD Radeon™ high-performance embedded discrete GPUs providing, exceptional graphics performance for single and multi-display systems without compromising power consumption or cost. Ideally suited for portable medical imaging devices, digital signage installations, and casino and arcade gaming systems.

SAPPHIRE GPRO high-performance E-Series support a broad range of performance and power requirements that can meet and surpass the needs of most mainstream embedded applications.

Key Benefits

Excellent Performance-Per-Watt :

Enable 4K video encode/decode and 3D graphics at efficient thermal design power (TDP) profiles. Create crisp, eye-catching visual experiences while conserving power.

Multi-display Immersion:

Support up to six displays with a single slot, ATX full height and half-length form factor. Delivering ultra-immersive, multi-display visual experiences and advanced 4K H.265 encode and decode multimedia capabilities for digital signage and casino and arcade gaming systems.

Longterm Product Support:

Get optimal value out of designs by reducing engineering iteration cycles. Particularly valuable for designers of products in highly regulated industries, including medical imaging and casino gaming.

Features for SAPPHIRE GPRO Embedded Graphics:

1.EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) Emulation:

EDID is a data structure provided by displays that enables a personal computer to identify the monitors and their display capabilities. The SAPPHIRE GPRO E-Series driver provides the AMD EDID Emulation function tool that reads the EDID data information from connected display devices and saves it to a text or binary file for further usage.

2.Custom Resolutions :

The Custom Resolutions feature allows users to create and configure custom resolutions, refresh rates and other timing setting.

3. Screw Secure Lock:

For a more secure display connection, the SAPPHIRE GPRO / GPRO E-series feature a screw secure lock. This ensures that the plug and graphics card are securely connected removing the risk of disconnection. The Screw Secure Lock is available through a range of optional accessories, including:

  • mDP-to-DVI (Active or Passive)
  • mDP-to-HDMI (Active), 1.4 or 2.0
  • mDP-to-DisplayPort

The Screw secure lock feature can be used to securely attach the dongle to the graphics card. For graphics cards without Screw Secure lock, the screw slides backwards to use on cards with standard brackets.

4. DirectGMA

Enables low latency, high-bandwidth peer-to-peer data transfers between devices on host systems PCIe bus and SAPPHIRE GPRO E-Series. Devices supporting DirectGMA can write directly into the local memory of SAPPHIRE GPRO E-Series Graphics and vice versa. This functionality can dramatically reduce latency and host system “overhead” as needed for real-time broadcasting and other types of high-speed communications applications.

5. 10-bit Pixel Format Color Support

The 10-bit Pixel Format Color Support enables the SAPPHIRE GPRO E-Series graphics to deliver greater bit depth than the conventional 8-bits per color channel. Greatly used in application verticals such as medical imaging, professional photography, graphics design, movie production and entertainment in general.

6. All Eyefinity configurations supported:

Please note all of the configurations listed below apply to AMD Eyefinity Mode under Windows OS.
(Not available on Linux Catalyst)

  Landscape Mode Portrait Mode
Series GPRO E-Series GPRO E-Series
2 x 1 V V
1 x 2 V V
3 x 1 V V
1 x 3 V V
2 x 2 V V
4 x 1 V V
1 x 4 V V
5 x 1 V V
1 x 5 V V
3 x 2 V V
2 x 3 V V
6 x 1 V V
1 x 6 V V

Embedded Platform Key Markets

  • Financial Service
  • Aerospace / Defense
  • Medical Healthcare
  • Arcade Gaming
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Security

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