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Broadcast workflows vary greatly, but many (if not most) of them share the need to keep latency to a minimum. An example is virtual sets, often used in election coverage and increasingly in newscasting.

More examples include:

  • On-air/Live broadcast graphics
  • News/Sports/Commentary/Analysis
  • Virtual Sets
  • Real-time Video/Digital Cinema Production

DirectGMA is AMD’s proprietary API for direct memory transfers between PCI devices. DirectGMA technology enables very high performance, low latency, high-bandwidth peer-to-peer data transfers between devices on host systems to acquire in a SAPPHIRE GPRO E-Series Graphics. Devices supporting DirectGMA can write directly into the local memory of SAPPHIRE GPRO E-Series Graphics and vice versa. This functionality can dramatically reduce latency and host system “overhead” as needed for Real-Time broadcasting and other types of high-speed communications applications.

DirectGMA Key features and benefits:

  • Fully supports the new SAPPHIRE GPRO E-Series Commercial Graphics Solutions
    (GPRO E9260 and E8870).
  • Low-latency, high throughput GPU acceleration for real-time professional video and broadcast graphics pipelines
  • Open-platform support for all major third-party PCIe SDI I/O manufacturers*
    (* 3rd party SDI I/O hardware needs to support DirectGMA technology)
  • Allows device on the bus to write directly into this area of GPU memory
    Allow GPUs to write directly into the memory of remote devices on the bus supporting DirectGMA
  • Provides a driver interface to allow 3rd party hardware vendors to support data exchange with an AMD GPU using DirectGMA
  • Peer-to-Peer Transfers between GPUs
    Use high-speed DMA transfers to copy data between the memories of two GPUs on the same system/PCIe bus.
  • Peer-to-Peer Transfers between GPU and FPGAs
    Use high-speed DMA transfers to copy data between the memories of the GPU and the FPGA memory.
  • DirectGMA for Video
    Optimized pipeline for frame-based devices such as frame grabbers, video switchers, HD-SDI capture, and Camera Link devices.
  • Extensive support for advanced APIs such as OpenCL™ 2.0, OpenGL 4.5 and DirectX® 12 .
  • Superior price/performance and value for integrators and end-users.

Enabling DirectGMA

On Windows ®, open the GPRO E-Series Driver  Control Center and go to the DirectGMA tab

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