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In today's medical and health care industry, new digital technologies such as digital radiography, 3D, PACS, and remote graphics are helping to improve patient care and save lives.

To enhance current systems, multi-display solutions can help medical professionals work more efficiently by quickly viewing large amounts of information. This enables them to diagnose patients accurately and prescribe treatment soon after an examination. AMD has a full range of high resolution, high bit depth, multi-display solutions that are designed to help medical administrators streamline their work environments, adopt new, leading-edge technologies to improve patient treatment throughout and achieve a high standard of care.

SAPPHIRE GPRO E-Series are ideal for the following medical uses:

  • MRI, CT, Mammography, and Radiological images using high definition medical displays for diagnostic workstations
  • Real time 3D manipulation of complex 3D objects
  • PACS (Picture archiving and Communications Systems)/DICOM Format
  • Medical monitors: EIZO, PHILIPS, TOTOKU,WIDE,NEC etc....
  • Medical projector systems for conferences
  • Information displays/kiosks in waiting rooms or medical centers
  • HIS/RIS (Hospital Information Systems/ Radiology Information Systems)
  • Medical research, human simulation, human neuron cell rendering


  • CR / X-Ray
  • Mammography
  • DSA
  • MRI
  • CT-NMR
  • ES / US
  • UltraSound B
  • Digital diagnosis

SAPPHIRE GPRO E-Series include Special Features for medical market:

  • Multi-display support, provides flexible display resolutions.
  • Powerful 3D and high resolution imagery medical professionals can rely on.
  • Support both landscape mode and portrait mode.
  • Energy efficient design.
  • Allows diagnosticians to view and interact with one or more applications and /or review multiple media images at once.
  • Support for 30-bit color.
  • CE/FCC/VCCI/KCC/RCM/BSMI and WHQL Certification.

High bit depth suport (10-Bit), shows the "Real World" color

8-bit per color component
= 16.7 Million colors

10-bit per color component
= more than 1 billion colors

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